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I started playing D&D in 1977 while living in Las Vegas. My brother and I knew a guy who played and he let us in on his game. He had the white box set and some ready ref sheets and seems like several maps from the Wilderlands. It was enjoyable, but I saw lots of holes in his style and so, I decided to purchase the game myself and be a DM. I could not find the same game he had, so I settled for the Basic Blue Box set with the dragon on the front and the wizard and armored fighter.

From there I designed my own world with what bits of the Wilderlands I could find. There was no internet then so finding things was hard. You can PDF everything now, but not back then. I remember walking up the the game store every Saturday to see if the DMG had been released yet. It was always listed as "coming soon". When it finally came I snatched it up. Back then the three core books for AD&D were not released all at once. I had to wait for like 3 or 4 months for it.

Eventually the group switched to Greyhawk and we played in that setting for many years. About 1985 or 1986 we stopped playing. 2nd edition was coming out or already out, cant remember, but the game dynamic shifted and we lost interest. It was not until 2000 when some of the old group got together that we decided to play again. We rounded up the old books and began hunting down what we could of the old Wilderlands setting. One of the players turned us on to 3E and we just loved it.

When Neromancer Games published the revised edition of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy, they made customers of us. So the campaign is alive and well and in the 8th year. Hoping to see plenty of 3.5 material around for a while.

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    Travis Lahne found me on the Fantasy Shop messageboard. He was looking for a D&D group and had contacted me awhile back. Anyway I sent him an e-mail about you this morning and told him he could find you on Necro boards. [email protected] is Travis Lahne's e-mail address.